AIR-OIL exchangers have been designed to be used on the return lines of hydraulic systems.
 The radiating mass is made of aluminum alloy, nominal pressure of 25 bar and a maximum temperature of 120°C, with a flow rate from 2 to 800 Lt / min.

The shell and tube water-oil exchangers allow the oil to cool. They have a nominal pressure of 12 bar and a maximum temperature of 120 ° C, with a flow rate from 2 to 800 Lt / min; with water circuit inspectable in 2 or 4 passes.

OMT is able to design and manufacture combined exchangers according to customer needs.


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  • Direct current motor air-oil heat exchangers, used for the cooling of earth-moving, road, agricultural and railway machinery, for construction: truck mixers, drilling rigs, mobile cranes, truck cranes.
  • Alternating current motor air-oil heat exchangers, increasingly used instead of water-oil exchangers, for obvious ecological reasons and lower working costs, for cooling the same machines and systems.
  • The air-oil heat exchangers with fan driven by a hydraulic motor, also used in the mobile machinery market.
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  Valvola Termostatica e di By-Pass integrate

Our wide experience and the continuous technological research allow us offering tailored solutions and a up to date range of products.

EXTERNAL BY-PASS valve helps draining pressure peaks generated by sudden increase of oil viscosity and/or flow rate.
THERMOSTATIC VALVE ensures a fast oil temperature warming up in particular harsh climate, with very cold oils.

OMT provides the possibility to integrate by-pass and, if required, the thermostatic valve in one compact and economic solution.
During the start-up process, cold oil goes around the heat exchanger by-passing the core and preventing it from any possible damage.
As the oil reaches 40°C temperature, thermostatic valve begins to close proportionally until it reaches its complete shutdown at 55°C, avoiding thermal shocks.

In the event that, due to sudden flow increases or physical decreases of the sections of the pipes, pressure overtakes the preset value of the by-pass valve, thermostatic valve opens protecting the core.

BY-PASS VALVE eliminates the pressure drops problem when the oil viscosity is higher and ensures better temperature control, making the cooler more performing.


The heat exchangers range is divided into two major categories:
– Air-oil exchangers, standard and combined type
– Shell and tube heat exchangers.


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